Dolphins and Manta have had a presence on the West Coast of Hawaii areas for many hundreds of years. They enjoy our guests and come back to interact with them daily.

Hawaii Experiences has operated Iruka Dolphin and Manta University for 8 years, and it is not uncommon for people to misinterpret the real meaning of our special tour experience. 

They may miss how the Dolphins are teaching us, by sharing their civility, we are all looking in our own lives.

We are always looking for individuals who have a common view on the world and how the ocean and its life can cure the human spirit.  We need your passion to help to share the unique message and learning opportunity of our adventure. 

Our crew all have a love affair with the ocean and its life. We believe it's our duty to educate our guests about the oceans importance and how it pertains to sustainability. 

When new friends want join the team, they always have this same passion and connection to sea life, and want to give back by educating others. Dolphins in particular, are much smarter than most of us are aware of, as they actually are able to make the decision to swim and connect with people themselves, and they choose to, in small & large family pods. They do it for the guest, hoping it impacts their life, and makes them more aware. They choose to come back each day, and every day, to share this meaning and feeling and it's really amazing. 

We see them help people, by lifting their spirit, or bringing the biggest smiles to those who are challenged. The most amazing is the dolphins connection to a family. Especially those women yet to give birth and those who are unaware of their pregnancy. It's both a beautiful and an amazing experience. 

We see the behavior, intelligence and close connection, which is their number one quality. They are all about family and giving; qualities we humans can learn from.

Would you agree, we are ALL people attracted to whales, dolphins and other sea life, and having the opportunity to educate their meaning would be a special dream? 

We are all blessed, they decide to come back everyday or every season to share with us their presence.

Please reach out to us if this life motivates you to relocate to your new office, in the Hawaiian Islands. Mahalo!


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