Hawaii Experiences is honored in having the ability to interact with the wild Dolphins or Manta in the beautiful ocean coastlines of Oahu and Big Island of Hawaii. If you have further questions fillin in the form on contact us page.

What is included in the trip price?

  • All boat government taxes including the state harbor tax
  • Fuel charges…
  • Non-alcoholic beverages…
  • Snorkeling gear…It is the best and most comfortable gear available.
  • Also new this season are custom paddleboards that also serve as kayaks for one or two persons.
  • Everything underwater loves coming to play with the boards.. turtles, rays and assorted fish of all kinds.
  • Underwater world up close and personal.

What is NOT included in the trip price.

  • Gratuities to the crew
  • Wetsuit

Touching or feeding the dolphins.

On our Dolphin or Manta excursions there is absolutely no touching or feeding of the dolphins. The beauty of our trips is that they are wild, it is their home and we are the guests. We work hard to ensure that the dolphin and manta life remains as untouched as possible by the human presence.

Even after years of swimming with these wonderful creatures we are still working to refine and improve the quality of our swims for the Dolphin, Manta and our guests. This has led to longer interactions both in and out of the water with all choices being made by the Dolphin & Manta.

Hawaii Experiences definitely does not condone certain behaviors that some operators choose to use. Such as circling dolphins to attract them or continuing to chase them down repeatedly after they have moved on. When the Dolphins have made the choice to join and interact with us it is a much more mellow, relaxed and longer interaction–we feel really blessed to be a part of it.

Dolphin & Manta Experience.

Without a doubt the main focus of our trips is the Dolphins & Manta, along with the other sea life and in season, the majestic whales that visit Hawaii.  Being a wild eco-trip we are at the blessings of the weather, Dolphins and Manta.  The pod size runs from two Manta to over one hundred Dolphins and interactions can run from a few minutes to a couple hours.  Over the years we have worked hard to figure out the best way to interact for both the Dolphin, Manta and our guests.  This has led to the Dolphin and Manta making all the decisions (the only way it could be) and averaging around one to one and a half hours of interaction.  The Dolphin and Manta even swim around our vessel  waiting for our guests to get their gear on and jump in the water.  They are always looking for those with a special spirit and can sense love, and will ensure this feeling is shared with you.

We are able to visit beautiful reefs for snorkeling and enhanced the entire experience.

Snorkeling & Swimming with the Dolphin & Manta

We have always worked hard to be conscience of what is best for the Dolphin and Manta. Also what will give our guests the most amount of time with the ocean that they have dreamed of being with.

When we approach a pod of Dolphins, we slowly move up to the side of the pod to see what they are doing. We wait until it is the best time for the Dolphins to have us enter the water. If the Dolphin interacts with us right away, that is a wonderful thing.  We easily average much more time in the water than most dream of, as the water is so warm and healthy, and of course with all the excitement, and your new friends sensing this, they can deliver the experience of a lifetime. Dolphin or Manta in the wild, in a beautiful ocean, come live the dream today!

Our Food

There are snacks available all day along with non alcoholic drinks. If you wish to have sodas or alcoholic drinks-they are available on the island. And yes, we do all the preparing and cleaning. We are family style, but it is your vacation, sit back and enjoy!!

Extra Information

The tour has large air-conditioned buses loading each morning between 6am to 9am in Waikiki Hawaii on Oahu, and 7-8am or 4-5pm on the Big Island, with pickup at the Hotels and Resorts.

We also have new t-shirts, photo packages available for purchase. An edited DVD put to music with the best video and shots of the tour is also available for an additional cost.

Crew Gratuity/Tipping

Considering the level of service of course, tipping or gratuities is meant to compliment the level of service and thank the team for the extra effort.  Our goal is to earn a gesture, and not expect it.

Can I Smoke during the tour?

Smoking is against State Regulations on our Buses, Tour Boats or Check in Areas.

Can I rent snorkeling gear?

We carry the most comfortable mask, fins and snorkels available for those who wish to use our gear. This is included in our tour. You are welcome to bring you own to.

Will I be comfortable?

Our vessels include shaded areas, however the Hawaii sunshine can be quite intense, so please bring cover up or light tee shirt for protection from UV rays. You can relax on deck in the shade, or there is still plenty of room to get a tan on our vessels whenever you wish. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you might have.

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