Our main focus is to protect and respect the Dolphins and Manta in their ocean home whilst providing our guests with an experience of a lifetime in a safe and unique environment.

These Dolphin & Manta return everyday* to interact with guests, introducing their families to our guests. Providing that special feeling and meaning of the ocean, love, and environment.

For us, swimming with our wild Dolphins & Manta families and living in these incredibly beautiful islands, is a special and privileged way of life. We look forward to sharing this amazing lifestyle and history with those of you who choose to join us on your next visit to Hawaii.

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"We Had An Amazing Experience!"

Got picked up from the hotel, (the tour booking office, said they were the only company that offers pickups). The driver stopped at a lookout on the way, and showed us the Mountain on Maui sticking over the clouds, as well as pointing out other stuff along the way.

We got fitted out with snorkels, flippers and wetsuit, although the water was 28C so we didn't really need the wetsuits.

Got to sit straddled over the side of the boat while we powered through the waves, which was half the fun. (Make sure you wear sunnies for when the water splashes up).

Once it got dark we jumped in and held onto a board with lights, and the Manta's came up and circled us over and over, I think we saw about 5 or 6, the biggest were over 3m wide and came within inches of us. Afterwards there was hot drinks, snacks and drinks on board.

My wife and son went on a fishing trip earlier in the day, where they had a sign up on the boat "deck hands work for tips", there was none of that on this trip. I was so blown away by the experience, I forgot to give a tip, but I would have happily given one. (Tipping is not expected at home, so we are not used to it)

- Alex R.

Over 200,000 Guests Experienced This Amazing Feeling Of Freedom.

Wild Dolphin & Manta snorkel & swim adventures are indeed very special. For many of our guests it is a life long dream come true. Many feel that the there are healing possibilities and some have had life changing experiences--it's a very personal thing.

Your HawaiiExperiences.com crew is always available to help facilitate whatever your needs may require. The fun and relaxation of a Wild Dolphin/Manta Snorkel vacation activity is something that is on most peoples bucket list!

Celebrating 8 Seasons this Year… with over 200,000 guests experiened this amazing feeling of freedom we have expanded our offerings to the Big Island of Hawaii.

This past summer was the most fantastic season we have had in our 8 year history. We have been blessed, every year just gets better and better and we expect this year to be the same! Our Dolphin & Manta Families, come back to ensure they can interact with guests everyday* If you are interested in this experience please click on the book now link on this page or let us know by calling and we can confirm there will be space for you.

We have a fleet of great boats, that are safe and comfortable. We feel keeping the number of guests to a minimum makes swimming with dolphins more eco-oriented and respectful for the dolphins and a more intimate experience for our guests.

HawaiiExperiences.com welcomes children and families. Please review our special family pricing. We are your Dolphin & Manta Dream Team when it comes to swimming and snorkeling with wild Dolphins or Manta in Hawaii.

*we are guests of the Dolphin and Manta in the Ocean, and if they decide not to visit, we offer guests to come out on next scheduled tour at no additional charge.

Our Mission

Hawaii Experiences is honored in having the ability to interact with the wild Dolphins or Manta in the beautiful ocean coastlines of Oahu and Big Island of Hawaii. We take this privilege, with its responsibilities, very seriously. Our attitude is one of respect, as we have come to realize that we are guests in their home environment.

The Dolphins themselves set the pace for our daily activities. Hawaii Experiences does not condone the touching, feeding or harassment in any way of dolphins or any other wildlife in the area. Nature sets the rules, and we have seen how beautifully this works.

The West Coast of Oahu and Big Island are some of the special places where wild Dolphins or Manta are free to make their own choices about when and where to interact with us. Part of the beauty of this experience is in the following their agenda, not ours.

Their interactions may range from playing with us in the water or surfing in the bow of the cruising boat, to feeding and taking care of their young. Watching newborns grow and interact with each other and us is a wonderful experience. We observe their lives in every facet, and they are very generous.The crew all have special reasons for living the lifestyle as well, wanting to share their story of “Aloha”. 

The one common thread that we all share is the love of the Dolphin. Being able to share this love and experience with our guests is enriching and warms the heart in a way only Hawaii can. To be able to educate, learn and share with those who join us is the reason that HawaiiExperiences.com exists.

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